MMMV Hunt #1
September 7, 2009

 - Project Date:August 31, 2007

The first annual Minimate Multiverse Hunt contest was inspired by a similar contest from DST during the San Diego Comic Con 2007. Since the DST contest was limited to those attending SDCC, the MMMV version was started to let everyone get in on the fun. In fact, the 2009 MMMV Contest has just started so there's plenty of time to put your own entry together.

This post is mainly about the 2007 contest though. Read on for my entries.
For the Hunt contests, you obviously have to have a Minimate to take pictures of. But to reduce the chance of a contestant using pictures that had already been taken it was required to use a distinct Minimate. For the DST/SDCC contest we were provided a Hunt Minimate, but for the MMMV contests contestants create their own.

This was mine, Vitali. He was of a larger stature than other Minimates which made him their natural leader. They dared not cross him even though most of the time they could not comprehend him. You see, Vitali's accent was so thick that people were often convinced he was speaking a foreign language.

2. Picture of your minimate defying gravity.
Vitali was a very important member of the space program. He had the ability to go WOO (With Out Oxygen) for hours on end. He was also able to train his body to withstand the dangers of a vaccuum. No one knows how he was able to do this, but it has been noted that he is a major stockholder in the Dyson Corporation.

5. Picture of your minimate acting like the ruler of the world.
Europe trembles under Vitali's iron gaze.

7. Picture of your minimate with a real animal.
Vitali did not injure this beast despite its foul nature. He is a friend to all creatures, even those who threaten to devour him. After righting himself, Vitali sung this creature to sleep with his melodic baritone. As a gesture of good will, Vitali corrected his wandering eyes, smoothed his wrinkles with a shot of Botox, and gave him some Orbitz gum for that minty fresh feeling all day.

8. Picture of your minimate reenacting a scene from a movie or tv show that is a minimate license.
Vitali is a very busy man. He is lucky to find an hour in a week in which to get funky. As a result, he always cares a miniature guitar to strum out a few tunes for whenever the mood may strike.

11. Picture of your minimate with as many other minimates as you can get into the picture.
The loyal followers come together for a group photo. Only one fight broke out and that was between the Star Trek guys and the Battlestar Galactica guys. Luckily Gandalf was able to break it up early. Sure the Star Trek guys were taller, but those Cylons are vicious little suckers.

16. Picture of your minimate playing a videogame.
Everyone deserves a little downtime after a busy day of looting and pillaging. Don't mind the purple furniture though. Mrs. Vitali may have picked it out, but Mr. Vitali got stuck with it in the divorce settlement.

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